About the Creators

About the Authors

James (Jim) Barbato is a former college professor and business owner. He is also the son of a U.S. Air Force Master Sargent, and lived all across the United States and Canada for the first twelve years of his life. As a child, Jim developed a strong Christmas spirit, inspired by the stories his father would tell. Jim often told original stories to his own three children, including the story of “The Magic Christmas Ornament,” which they still remember and cherish as adults. Now he wants to share the story with you, hoping it will instill the Christmas spirit in your heart and create memories for years to come. Jim has been married to the love of his life, Patty, for thirty-five years. They have three wonderful adult children: Victoria, Joseph, and John. READ JIM’S FULL STORY


Victoria Barbato is currently an Instructional Coach for English language instruction in the Boston area. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in English, and is passionate about teaching and creating equity in educational opportunities for all learners. Growing up, Victoria was greatly inspired by her grandfather’s and father’s stories because they connect to the importance of family, convey fascination with the world, and always have a message of hope. These are all values that she strives to apply to her daily life. Victoria incorporates storytelling into her teaching, a skill she treasures because she knows she inherited it from her dad. Victoria has always enjoyed writing in her spare time and was thrilled to work with her father to make this family story come to life.

About the Illustrator

Joe Huffman was born in Oregon, and grew up in California and the Pacific Northwest.  He received his Associates of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and has illustrated several children’s books and adult novels.

When Joe was three years old he knew illustration was in the cards for him.  He couldn’t read those cards yet, but the pictures were enough for him.  His mother would often find him under stacks of books, following a story through images and feeding his overactive imagination.

About the Editor

Alli Brydon is a children’s book editor and former literary agent with nearly 15 years of experience developing, editing, and selling children’s books in the United States. She has spent her career nurturing children’s book writers and illustrators to reach their potential, which is what she loves best. Please visit her web site at allibrydon.com.